Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Totally Cool Brochure That You Probably Didn't See

Our publications chair, Tom Cortina, did a terrific job at putting together a compelling hardcopy Call for Participation based on the web version. Even though we have an enormous program committee this year, he got the whole thing on the front and back of one sheet -- and still included special attention to our new video submissions.

Most of you, however, probably didn't see this. I'm including pictures of mine, for the many of you who didn't find it in their mailbox. Day after day went by after our mailing, with much of our program committee repeatedly reporting, "No mailing yet!" Many of our colleagues told us "Nope, didn't see it!"

We tracked this down, and discovered that a great many members of SIGCSE do not receive promotional mailings from SIGCSE! The two biggest reasons are:
(1) Members' addresses without institutions are not used for mailings from ACM.
(2) Most members have asked for "restricted" mailings, which means that their own SIG can't send them promotional information.

If you are happier receiving less dead-tree announcements, then you're fine. I'm happy to share with you Tom's fine work (at least visually) here in this posting. If, however, you would like to get physical mail information from your SIG, you can change your current US mailing settings with ACM by going to, clicking "myACM", logging in and then changing your ACM Postal Tolerance (under My Contact Information) to include ACM Announcements.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Keynote Speaker Craig Mundie in this week's "The Economist"

I opened up this week's "The Economist" and saw this picture:
That's Craig Mundie, our keynote speaker for SIGCSE 2009, on the left behind Bill Gates. The article says: "Mr Ozzie...has been Microsoft’s chief software architect since 2006 and will steer its technology after Mr Gates goes, while Mr Mundie will take over as the company’s long-term thinker and public face."

Our keynote speaker for SIGCSE 2009 will be the guy responsible for long-term thinking for the world's largest software company. That will be a talk worth hearing!