Friday, February 27, 2009

The Welcome Banner from the Visitors Bureau


Unknown said...

Nice banner placement, no one should miss that! (except me as I am driving in :-) -- and thanks for the blog, my son Quinn and I will certainly be exploring Chattanooga! -- JD

Owen Astrachan said...

Hi SIGCSE! Here we are, a bunch of us riding in on the bus from the Atlanta airport on the bus that Owen organized. It has internet access and beverages and cool people and interesting things to talk about. And we're heading to a great meeting!

Captain P. Poopster just hyperposted something to his children.

The dancing girls were a big disappointment.

Some of us are even sober.

Are we there yet?

By the way, although this is Owen's ID, this is certainly not Owen composing this comment. Owen disavows all knowledge and responsibility for this comment.

Unknown said...

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