Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mmm. Steak.

We did get to try out two steak houses when we were in Chattanooga.

  • Porter's Steak House is in the lobby of the Sheraton, so it's easily reached from everywhere, especially if you're staying in the Sheraton. We took the program committee there the first night of the PC meeting (when there weren't so many people there yet :-). Porter's is definitely a high-end steak house. They take great pride in explaining their cuts of meat and how each is prepared. Nice side dishes with ample portions for sharing.
  • Hennen's doesn't advertise itself as a steak place, but by the measure of square-inches-on-menu, this is a steak place. We had our big (everyone there, including Jack Thompson, our local arrangements chair) program committee dinner there. They handled the large party just fine. The food was quite good, and the setting is terrif -- right across from the Aquarium, just a block from the River. We took a nice walk along the river after dinner. Good food, great location.

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